Allison Janney, Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe winner

“I’ve known Welker and Damian for 30 years. They bring rare extensive experience across the spectrum of film and television to bear on a unique approach that inspires actors to develop and own their artistic process onscreen. Find a way to work with them!”



TESTIMONIALS and Success Stories


 Hugh Jackman

“…Welker White…is one of the great actors, living in a city filled with great actors…THE MOVING FRAME is precisely built for people trying to feel comfortable and relaxed and getting the best out themselves in front of the camera. I highly recommend this workshop. I kind of wish I had gone to something like this early on in my career. As someone who had been mainly in the theatre when I began, it took me a while to really feel that I was reaching a level of relaxation to allow my potential to come through on film. I think this is a really valuable thing to do for anyone who’s learning how to act.”


Maria Dizzia, TONY nomination, Drama Desk Award, ORange is the new black, WHILE WE’re young

I loved everything about this course. Welker and Damian understand better than anyone I've met what it means to tell a story on screen. Their inquisitive, thoughtful work reveals the keys of how to be your truest self and also serve the story. Like all things that are true, their ideas are simple and effective and present the actor with invaluable tools to create courageous, passionate work.  


LISA KUDROW, EMMY award, Golden-globe, SAG Award noms, FRieNDS,the comeback

“I’d love to see every actor possess what Damian has as an actor: He is completely there, completely open, listening and responding to whatever is happening. No resistance! And I’m not kidding, watching him make adjustments with a director’s notes is inspiring. Damian is so gifted. He is what makes acting fun.”


Adam Wade McLaughlin, Billions, Blue Bloods, Vinyl

I have no doubt i’ll spend a lifetime referencing this weekend….I’m sure I'm not alone when I say that I feel as if Welker and Damian gave us this wonderful gift in the form of a tool box filled with practical points of reference, a very specific vocabulary and an incredibly efficient perspective on the craft of working on camera. And for that, I am truly grateful and inspired!


Mark Wing-Davey, Head, NYU Graduate Acting

THE MOVING FRAME intensive is the ideal opening for NYU Grad Acting’s new film curriculum. It deftly eases the student into an adjacent craft, and demystifies the eye through which the camera sees. The students love it.”


Stephanie kurtzuba, Wolf of wall street, the good wife, billy elliot on B’way

"Welker and Damian are a gift to any actor who wants to be in front of the camera. Their insightful exercises, encouraging and specific feedback, and years of experience in front of the lens themselves make for an ideal space to explore and challenge yourself to new depths in your onscreen work."


Malcolm gets, Tony and Drama Desk nominee

I recently had the great good fortune of spending a week with Welker White and Damian Young in their week-long intensive with The Moving Frame.  Oh how I wish I could’ve studied with them when I was just starting out.

Welker and Damian have created remarkable tools and exercises that help free up actors when they have a camera lens staring them down. They have devised tangible exercises to help unlock a most intangible form. Through their supportive and focused guidance, I watched the actors become more and more transparent and specific. They gradually started to allow themselves to be watched, and trust that their internal process was more than enough. All of this is suffused with both their incredible wealth of experience and their infectious love for Film. I felt their teaching aspires to raise the level of film acting to Art. They are an inspired team.


ANGELA BRAZIL, HEAD, brown/trinity mfa graduate acting

Our Brown/ Trinity Rep MFA actors thrived in this workshop. Welker and Damian create a warm, inclusive learning environment with a focus on visual storytelling and the moment-to-moment work of thought and reaction. Their workshop beautifully combined a wealth of practical on-set information with time to shoot short scenes and view them. A student testimonial: "Welker and Damian’s experience, openness in explaining process, and ability to adjust it for each of us was wonderful to watch both as a student and as an aspiring teacher. Time flew!


Michael Mastro, Paterno, Law&Order, Co-Artistic Director: The Actors Center.

Welker and Damian bring something very special to the teaching of on camera acting technique. Not only are they wonderfully talented performers who work often in Film/TV and have a great understanding the medium (and its current practices), they also share a real love and fascination with communicating to other actors the process of living a story from moment to moment in front of the camera. I’ve seen first hand their actors' awareness of relationship to camera and to visual storytelling grow remarkably in just a weekend workshop. We are proud to have them as both members and teachers at the Actors Center


"such a safe and supportive environment...I learned so much"


lindsay brill, marvelous mrs. maisel, the deuce

I wanted to reiterate how much I just loved your workshop. After just two days, I feel so much more informed and excited about on camera work. You both imparted so much incredibly useful information in such a clear and tangible fashion. And you created such a safe and creative environment. Thank you!


Tracey Moore, Professor of Theatre, The Hartt School

THE MOVING FRAME workshops are packed full of great information. Students of any level will benefit from their relaxed style and the hands-on activities. As the result of their own successful acting careers, Welker and Damian offer invaluable insights into current practices across the spectrum of the medium. A totally worthwhile investment.


ANGELA Olyslager, DirectoR, f-Actor-Y Acting studio Brisbane,Xena Warrior Princess

Damian and Welker are exceptional teachers and acting coaches and i can say with absolute confidence one of the best out there. I have had the pleasure of working with many great world renowned acting teachers and Welker and Damian sit perfectly with these greats. Their attention to detailed moment to moment work is truly transforming and liberating. They simplify beautifully how to work on set and how to allow yourselves as actors to truly trust the process and yourselves to find truth and experience really exciting work. For the first time i truly lived moment to moment. I can’t even begin to try to find the words that would justify how amazing this dynamic duo is. If you get the chance to work with The Moving Frame you will be changed and elevated as artists. Don’t think about it just do it. 


BArbara Pitts-McAdams, actor and teacher, the laramie project, member Tectonic theatre

Loved taking this class! I've been fumbling my way each time I get a chance to work on camera- god forbid you reveal how inexperienced you are. We don't learn the on-set lingo, protocol and dynamics in our university acting programs. We're lucky if on-camera is addressed at all. This 5-day intensive you've developed should be taught everywhere! Loved how hands-on it was.


NYU MFA GRADUATE Acting workshop participant

"Amazing!! Want them back for more!"


Carolyn Baeumler, The Price (B’way), Homeland

What a phenomenal week it was. Thrilling to see every student experience breakthroughs. What I was able to bring to my final scene at week's end felt like a revelation. I can only imagine the transformation possible with a whole semester or year with you two. Thank you Welker & Damian!


Saidah Arrika Ekulona,obie,drama desk, lortel awards, Ruined

Welker’s excitement for exploration and discoveries within the text is one of my favorite things about working with her. She encourages her clients to dive deep into their imaginations and become more specific about their choices.


Polly Adams, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Law and Order

That really was an extraordinary weekend ...I cannot tell you how much you helped me! You guys are brilliant, endlessly kind and so much fun...I learned so much ...and how thrilling to see everyone progress and do terrific work. Your direction was so helpful and specific...And it was such a safe and supportive environment you created ...Well again thank you so much two are amazing!


Elena Hurst, Homeland, The Blacklist, CSC’s Summer and Smoke

I had a great experience in [The Moving Frame] intensive. Welker and Damian’s
combined film and acting knowledge is immeasurable, but their ability to relay that info
and bring out the best in you is what is truly inspiring. No matter what level you're at in
your work, I can't think of a better way to spend a week developing your craft.


NYU GRAD MFA participant

I learned SO MUCH. I sort of thought: if you can act with ease and specificity, generally it would be similar acting on camera as it is in theatre. But there are technicalities and requirements of acting in front of a camera that are just so different. The camera feels like putting your acting through a strainer.


Ellen lancaster, actor and professor, Montclair state University BFA Acting program.

As a teacher, The Intensive gave me so many new ways to work with my students. Damian and Welker take away the fear of “being on camera” by starting with and focusing on what is most important: staying in the moment, moving thought to thought and responding truthfully. They also thoroughly cover the many technical aspects of the process. Their passion for actors and film is so evident. As a teacher and an actor, I felt that Damian and Welker's generosity of spirit and breadth of experience and knowledge was a killer combination.


We covered all kinds of film work language and protocol that would be required on set. I think it would have taken several jobs just to get the hang of the very basic information. It could have been not only a source of distraction from the work, but could add to the feeling of being a young actor without authority and could have made me feel insecure and ignorant. I really feel ahead already and this is just the beginning so that is really exciting!